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What is a Circle?

SGP Circles are groups of members with common thematic and geographic interests and expertise who get together regularly to:

  • Learn from each other
  • Coordinate local action
  • Collaborate on research and projects
  • Share resources

SGP is piloting over 20 circles between June and October 2018. During this period, we will be working with teams of circle co-leads to test power-sharing and horizontal leadership practices, as well as strategies to decrease barriers to inclusion.  Following the pilot, SGP will collect lessons, analyze the process, and develop a plan for scale-up. 

Please see the topics below to register for a circle.  A co-lead from the circle will welcome you and explain the next steps for collaboration.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

If you don't see a circle that interests you, please check back in January 2019 for the opportunity to propose a new circle! 

Bringing values of shared power and horizontal leadership to life.

Accountability: we hold ourselves responsible for our words, actions, and efforts

reflexive learning: we continuously reflect, document lessons, and strengthen our strategies to dismantle structures of oppression

power sharing: we develop balanced power relationships through shared leadership

safety: we create safe environments for all: physically, emotionally, and intellectually

collaboration: we work within and across other circles and networks to learn from one another

celebration: we celebrate our successes and give recognition to one another for our accomplishments

voice & participation: we actively address the cycles of power and privilege that create more space for some and less for others   

These principles were adapted from the gander women's centre


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